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Benefits of ETNs

iPath Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) offer investors access to the returns of a particular market or strategy, less investor fees, and offer the following benefits:

Gain access to difficult-to-reach exposures

iPath ETNs offer exposure to the returns of market benchmarks, less investor fees and costs, with exchange-traded accessibility. The ETN structure offers investors flexible exposure to investments in previously expensive or difficult-to-reach market sectors or strategies.

Help manage your taxable events¹

U.S. holders of iPath ETNs (other than the certain currency and MLP ETNs) should generally not be required to include amounts in income prior to sale, redemption or maturity. Investors should generally recognize gain or loss upon the sale, redemption or maturity of their iPath ETNs in an amount equal to the difference between the amount they receive at such time and their tax basis in the securities. This enables investors to generally manage the timing of taxable events related to their investment in iPath ETNs. However, significant aspects of the tax treatment of the ETNs are uncertain, and the IRS and U.S. Treasury are actively considering the tax treatment of instruments such as iPath ETNs, which could change at any time. Investors should consult a tax advisor about their own tax situation.

Trading Flexibility

iPath ETNs are listed on NYSE Arca and can be bought and sold at their market price on the secondary market anytime during trading hours, similar to other publicly traded securities. Certain iPath ETNs are listed on additional exchanges as well as NYSE Arca. Investors may also redeem a large block of securities, typically 25,000 or 50,000 securities, directly to the issuer, Barclays Bank PLC, subject to the procedures described in the relevant prospectus². A one-time redemption charge will apply to certain ETNs. The charge is intended to allow the issuer to recoup brokerage and other costs incurred in connection with an early redemption (although the proceeds from the charge may be more or less than such costs).

¹ Please see the applicable prospectus for a more complete discussion of the primary tax treatment and alternative tax characterizations that are possible with respect to each iPath ETN.

² The issuer may from time to time in its sole discretion reduce, in part or in whole, the minimum redemption amount. Any such reduction will be applied on a consistent basis for all holders of units at the time the reduction becomes effective.

Selected Risk Considerations

An investment in the iPath ETNs described herein (the “ETNs”) involves risks. Selected risks are summarized here, but we urge you to read the more detailed explanation of risks described under “Risk Factors” in the applicable prospectus supplement and pricing supplement.

You May Lose Some or All of Your Principal: The ETNs are exposed to any change in the level of the underlying index, or the Volume Weighted Average Price ("VWAP") level, in the case of the iPath® S&P MLP ETN, between the inception date and the applicable valuation date. Additionally, if the level of the underlying index, or the VWAP level in the case of the iPath® S&P MLP ETN, is insufficient to offset the negative effect of the investor fee and other applicable costs, you will lose some or all of your investment at maturity or upon redemption, even if the value of such index, or the VWAP value in the case of the iPath® S&P MLP ETN, has increased or decreased, as the case may be. Because the ETNs are subject to an investor fee and any other applicable costs, the return on the ETNs will always be lower than the total return on a direct investment in the index components. The ETNs are riskier than ordinary unsecured debt securities and have no principal protection.

Credit of Barclays Bank PLC: The ETNs are unsecured debt obligations of the issuer, Barclays Bank PLC, and are not, either directly or indirectly, an obligation of or guaranteed by any third party. Any payment to be made on the ETNs, including any payment at maturity or upon redemption, depends on the ability of Barclays Bank PLC to satisfy its obligations as they come due. As a result, the actual and perceived creditworthiness of Barclays Bank PLC will affect the market value, if any, of the ETNs prior to maturity or redemption. In addition, in the event Barclays Bank PLC were to default on its obligations, you may not receive any amounts owed to you under the terms of the ETNs.

A Trading Market for the ETNs May Not Develop: Although the ETNs are listed on NYSE Arca, a trading market for the ETNs may not develop and the liquidity of the ETNs may be limited, as we are not required to maintain any listing of the ETNs.

No Interest Payments from the ETNs: You may not receive any interest payments on the ETNs.

Restrictions on the Minimum Number of ETNs and Date Restrictions for Redemptions: You must redeem at least 25,000 or 50,000 (depending on the series) ETNs of the same series at one time in order to exercise your right to redeem your ETNs on any redemption date. You may only redeem your ETNs on a redemption date if we receive a notice of redemption from you by certain dates and times as set forth in the pricing supplement.

Uncertain Tax Treatment: Significant aspects of the tax treatment of the ETNs are uncertain. You should consult your own tax advisor about your own tax situation.

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